The mission of the Women & Girls Foundation is to achieve equality for women and girls, now and for generations to come. Their vision is for women and girls in Pennsylvania to have equal access, opportunity, and influence in all aspects of their public and private lives. We helped them relocate to Station Square and as the renewal date began to approach they wanted to make sure that they made the best decision possible. After a thorough review of the market, we negotiated an aggressive renewal rate with some much-needed upgrades to their current space.

“We’ve had the good fortune to work with Kim twice – once to find a new space, and once to negotiate a lease renewal. In both instances, it was clear that the team ‘got us’ from the very start, and had our organization’s best interests in mind until the deals were closed. As a nonprofit that focuses on women’s equality, it is also important for us to work with women-led companies, like Kim’s office. Because of our wonderful experience, we gladly recommend Kim to our colleagues and partners.” Tara Simmons, Vice President

Women and Girls
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